Welcome Thomas Baker

We are proud to introduce the newest edition to our B.I.T.S. team, Mr. Thomas Baker.  Thomas joined our team in June of 2016 and brings a range of new skills to the team.  He has a background in Web Technologies and has helped to expand our service offerings to include Web Site Design and Hosting.  Thomas holds a Sales and Technical Support Certification for cPanel, the #1 Web Hosting Control Panel in use today.  Thomas is a recent graduate from WVU Tech in Montgomery, and holds a B. S. in Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration.  As part of his senior graduation requirements Thomas and his partner developed a Sandwich Ordering System for the Bear’s Den, an on-campus sandwich shop.  The system provides a website that can be accessed from a mobile device or computer and allows you to place an order for a sandwich and provide a pickup time.  The order prints out at the Bear’s Den where the staff can queue the sandwich order up and have it ready to purchase when you arrive.  The Sandwich Ordering System is still in use by the Bear’s Den, even after Thomas and his partner have graduated.  The project was so well-received that it has been featured in the WVU Tech Alumni Magazine, BearTracks, which can be viewed here:  http://www.wvutech.edu/magazine.

In addition to working at Jacobs & Company B.I.T.S. and graduating from WVU Tech, Thomas started his own Web Hosting business – AMG Network Hosting – as a hobby in 2009, while still in high school.  AMGNH hosts sites and cloud services for over 300 customers from around the world through partnerships with accredited datacenters.  In addition to starting this company, Thomas has four additional volunteer employees who give their time to AMGNH.  Thomas also partners with Harrison County Business Education programs to provide Website Hosting to all of their Web Site Publication Classes – at no cost.

Originally from the Clarksburg/Bridgeport area, Thomas lived off-campus in Montgomery while attending school.  He and his girlfriend Jasmine recently moved from Montgomery to Charleston and are enjoying living on Charleston’s East End.  They have a family of pets who are also enjoying their new home in Charleston.  These pets include cats, dogs, hamsters, and lizards.  Thomas also recently became a Notary and when asked why he replies, “Because it was something I wanted to do so I went out and did it.”

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