iPhone 7 and iOS 10

It may not come as a shock to most people at this point, but Apple, Inc. has just released a new model to their iPhone line-up. On what has become Apple’s annual special event to announce the latest iPhone every September, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been announcing with an availability and shipping date of September 16th. Not only was the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus announced, but they also announced a new release of their cutting edge iOS operating system, iOS 10.

The Specs:

With the latest release of the iPhone 7, we are starting to see processing power equal to that of desktop or laptop computers just a few short years ago available in the palm of your hand. With the iPhone 7 it is no surprise that the processing power has increased yet again. Apple’s announcement of the A10 CPU for both models of the iPhone 7 debuted their first mobile quad core CPU ever. This being said, it is still common today to find many workstation and desktop computers running on a single dual core CPU.

For those of you who follow Apple’s annual events and announcements, you know that it really wouldn’t be an Apple Party without there being “one more thing.” This of course means the latest iOS, Apple’s operating system for mobile phones and tablets. With too many features to list, iOS 10 is perhaps Apple’s greatest advance to make Siri, your iPhone’s personal assistant your best friend. Apple has announced that application developers can now integrate Siri with their own applications. This was something before only available to apps developed by Apple. This was not only a nice surprise now, but as more developers begin to integrate with Siri, your life with any Apple device running iOS 10 may just get a lot easier.

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