Technology and Society Today

I love technology.  I surround myself with it every day.  So far this year we have been given a look at what I think is the coolest advancement in virtual and augmented reality in the form of HoloLens from Microsoft.  Computers have gotten smaller and what amounts to the latest iPhone/iPad fits on your wrist.  Wearable technology is starting to blend the use of technology into the background of our lives.  There is still a problem of technology getting in the way of our lives and how we interact  socially, but I feel like that is going to fade as we learn to manage and consume information and entertainment in different ways.

Technologies like computer vision and gesture recognition as well as voice activated digital assistants are allowing us to interact with technology and the virtual world in new and different ways that are more like how we as humans interact with each other.  It has been a long road to get to where we are today with technology and there is still a long way to go before we reach many of the goals the dreamers of science fiction have set for us.

I sometimes like to take an outside-looking-in view of all the technology and it gives me perspective — on how technology has changed and how it has changed the average person.  30 years ago the image of bald men in thick glasses wearing lab coats was the stereotype when someone was talking about computer technology.  Today technology is approachable by people from all different disciplines.  This has given rise to computer technology not only being functional in more ways than  anyone could have imagined 30 years ago but  it is also being more aesthetically pleasing, allowing it to blend into our everyday lives.

It amazes me how comfortable my kids are with technology.  My kids are curious and are always asking me questions, quite often questions to which I don’t have the answers.  When I don’t know the answer they say, “Well Dad, let’s search it on the Internet or ask Siri and see if she knows.”  They are never far away from the information and the content that they want and I see how it is able to augment their learning and interaction with others in ways I would sometimes never even think of.

I hope that the articles that I share with you all each month are informative and useful and serve to perhaps in some cases spark your interest in technology not only for your business but in your personal life.  Technology is a part of who we as a society are becoming and I hope everyone finds something they love and enjoy about technology or perhaps how it improves or augments the things they enjoy in life.  I would like to hear back from you about your favorite app or gadget or some piece of technology that you are using to augment a hobby or other interests you have that maybe just a few years ago you never would have dreamed would have existed.  Visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook/JacobsCompanyBITS and share your comments.

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