Managed Antivirus and Cloud Backup

I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer 2 new fully managed cloud based security solutions.  Managed Antivirus and Managed Backup.  With these 2 products I can provide a cost effective way to manage your security from the cloud.

Server backups in the cloud can replace tape or other on site backup solutions.  All backups are stored in a secure, fully SSAE-16 compliant data center.  Configuration is done in the cloud, so once the backup client is installed on the server new backup jobs can be created and existing backup jobs can be monitored without having to be on site or otherwise directly connected to the server.  Because your data is backed up to the cloud you no longer have to deal with making sure tapes or drives are changed out nightly and taken home.  The threat of a tape or drive being lost and data being stolen from those lost drives is eliminated.

In the past, each computer had separate installations of antivirus installed and managing each installation had to be done separately.  Each machine had to be checked individually to make sure the software and definitions where up-to-date. If you had 5 or more machines you might have a server that could centralize this antivirus management; however, monitoring and maintaining this server required someone to physically manage the server and in most cases this extra software was installed on the only server in the office using valuable storage and other resources.  Now I can offer an alternative.  Cloud managed Antivirus based on antivirus technology from McAfee.  Machines protected by the managed antivirus get their updates from the internet whenever they are connected.  The antivirus client reports to a cloud based management server that allows us to monitor the health of each machine and identify issues with managed devices almost in real time.  In some instances we might know your machine is being attacked by a virus before you do.

Managing backup and antivirus in the cloud is a great first step towards the benefits of having Jacobs and Company B.I.T.S. fully manage your IT.  Monthly online backup starts at $25/month for 100GB of storage.  For managed antivirus each device covered starts at just $5/month.

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