The iWatch Is Coming

I mentioned in a previous article that wearable technology was here to stay, and with Apple now on board with its new iWatch you can bet Apple believes that too. The new iWatch is not due out until sometime early in 2015, but Apple debuted this new little piece of tech as one more thing at their annual iPhone release.

Like everything else Apple makes, the iWatch looks beautiful. There is a look for every occasion from formal to fitness. The focus on form is truly evident in the multiple designs that will be available for this “watch.” But it is not really a watch. It is an extension of the iPhone that you carry with you everywhere you go. The iWatch gives you access to email, text, and social media without having to take your phone out of your pocket. The iWatch integrates with Siri, allowing you to use voice controls for your phone through the watch. It is a fitness tracker that includes a sensor for tracking your heart rate. All of the health data integrates with the new health dashboard and feeds a health app that helps you set and meet fitness goals. The face of the watch is customizable and the home screen displays a cloud of apps that you can move around in with simple touch gestures. The crown is part of the user interface, allowing you to zoom in and out of apps like maps and scroll quickly through lists. The touch interface is pressure sensitive so it can distinguish between a tap and a push allowing the interface to respond correctly.

The iWatch comes in 2 sizes, 3 models, and has 6 interchangeable bands. As I mentioned earlier, iWatch is due out early 2015, and the price will start at $349 for the “Watch” model. The other 2 models are Sport and Edition, each of which should be available at the same time with faces in sizes for both men and women. To borrow a line from Apple, “one more thing”…Let’s talk about the charger. This watch needs power. A single coin cell battery isn’t going to keep this digital beast going. It has to be charged. You don’t plug it in to charge it though. The iWatch uses a magnetic cable that latches on the back surface of the face and uses inductive (wireless) charging to feed juice to the iWatch. I am looking forward to the iWatch release. Maybe if I save up my wife will let me buy one for my birthday.

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