B.I.T.S. Partners to Provide Hosted Phone Solution

I have talked many times about cloud based services and their benefits. I have also discussed in previous newsletter articles the merits of VoIP and Hosted VoIP solutions. I am thrilled to announce B.I.T.S . has recently partnered with David Fisher of Unified Card Communications and Comm-Core to begin providing our clients with a powerful, flexible, affordable Hosted IP/PBX solution.

The hosted VoIP solution works by providing phones as endpoints just like a regular phone system. The difference is that unlike a regular phone system there isn’t a big box on the wall with a bunch of wires coming out of it that you have to buy. The phones connect over the internet to a software based phone system hosted in the cloud. Phones can be placed anywhere you have an internet connection and can be connected using the same existing connections to which your computers connect. Because the phones connect to the phone system over the Internet they are inherently mobile, making it easy to work from home. This mobility also means that disaster recovery is built in. If you can connect the phone to the internet you can work. This portability coupled with features like auto attendant allows you to never miss a call. Whether you are traveling or your office is down, your customers will never know the difference.

The Comm-Core solution gives you all the features of a large enterprise phone system at a fraction of the cost monthly. You can lease the phones and other hardware needed to get started or buy it all outright. The choice is yours. One of the more unique features of the Comm-Core system is that they install a separate router on your network dedicated to providing the best quality of service over the Internet they can at each site. This router is part of the equipment lease and is well worth the investment to guarantee clear consistent calling.

If your phone system is getting older, it is more of a liability than an asset to your business. The older the phone system gets the more likely it is to fail and the harder it becomes to find parts and support for the system. With a hosted VoIP solution, every time the provider upgrades their system you automatically get an upgrade. Then the only hardware to replace is the phone, and because the system is so flexible nearly any IP based phone can be configured to work. Give us a call to get a free estimate on a hosted IP phone system for your business.

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