LogMeIn Free is Out

This spring seems to be a season of changes, not the least of which is the end of life of Windows XP. LogMeIn Free, another tool that has undergone some recent changes, a tool that I have used for many years and recommended to my clients, is no more. The free version of LogMeIn allowed people to easily access their computer remotely from anywhere they had access to a web browser for free. The company LogMeIn ended the free product at the beginning of March and now has only paid subscriptions to their service. LogMeIn Pro is the name of their pay product that takes the place of the Free LogMeIn product. I love this product, and if you need to have simple remote access I would recommend it to anyone. The base Pro package runs $99/year and allows you to access up to 2 computers remotely. Not a bad deal if you are willing to pay the subscription and use it frequently.

There are other free options available for remote access to your PC. Doing some research over the last several weeks I have settled on using a product called TeamViewer. It is free for private use and can be used to not only connect remotely to your own computer but can also be used to remotely control someone else’s computer if you need to share their screen to help them with a project you are collaborating on or just provide some technical support. I started using TeamViewer about 2 weeks ago and have found the product to be easy to use and set up.

If you have been using LogMeIn and like the product, I encourage you to consider staying with them and paying the $99/year. You get some great features like remote printing, file sharing, and file transfer. If you are looking for a remote desktop solution you can check out their website here, http://www.logmein.com. If you are still looking for something free because you just don’t use a remote desktop solution enough to justify paying for it, I would certainly recommend you take a look at TeamViewer. TeamViewer has some great features like being able to host a meeting and share your screen with multiple viewers over the internet. If you really like TeamViewer and want to use it for business you can purchase a license which gives you even more features. To download TeamViewer visit their web site at http://www.teamviewer.com.

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